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YESBerries Christmas trees WEB 2

Have a party coming up this holiday season and want a show stopping foodie centerpiece that your guests will swoon over? This is the EASIEST and SWEETEST treat there is! All we did was buy some local greenhouse strawberries (YES!Berries from DelfrescoPure are GROWN ALL YEAR LONG!!!), sprinkle them with icing sugar and pop in a cute cupcake topper that we purchased from a local craft store. I’d bet the dollar stores would even have some.

Although these berries are certified pesticide free, I still prefer to give all produce a wash. Just be sure to dry these well with paper towel before sprinkling. I’d also suggest that you plate them and prepare just before serving. Otherwise, the sugar may just disolve into the berries before your guests arrive. If this happens, just add a bit more sugar for show.

You can find these summerlicious berries at so many stores now too. In Ontario, try Metro, Sobey’s, Fresh Co, Farm Boy, Longo’s and Walmart. Look for YES!Berries because they are our local ones and they taste *and smell and look fantastic!

Thank you to DelfrescoPure for sponsoring this post. It is great to work with companies like them! Learn more about them and follow them online too. This winter, they will be running so many contests on their social media that you won’t want to miss!