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This is a fancy title for a very simple recipe.

Wash and cut your plums into 1cm squares (obviously remove the pit). Then cook them in a saucepan on medium until they turn into a mushy mush. If the pan gets too dry or the fruit starts to stick, turn down your heat and put a lid on to collect the steam and let the mixture become juicy again.

Let cool and enjoy with yogurt, on cereal, oatmeal or pancakes, or make a parfait!

To assemble your parfait, simply add a few tsp of your favourite granola on the bottom of your bowl, then add yogurt (vanilla is a good choice), and top with your cooked (and cooled) plums. Ta Da! This is wonderful as a breakfast and a dessert.

Cooking plums is also useful if they are a little too tart. Just add some sugar when you are cooking them down, or a natural sweetener like my favourite, maple syrup! Add a little at a time, to suit your taste.

If you have an abundance of plums, this is also suitable for freezing. Freeze in small batches and enjoy later.

plum parfait