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Sleigh your holiday gift giving this year by presenting your friends and family with a generous cookie box filled with homemade cookies and/or store-bought treats. Here’s how to make your own epic edible gift for this holiday season:

1. Pick a Medley of Cookies

Start by selecting an assortment of cookies in various shapes and sizes and include at least five different varieties (odd numbers of things always look best). Look for cookies that are sturdy and will hold up well to shipping and/or transporting. Feel free to add in store-bought treats like foil-wrapped Christmas balls or miniature Santa clauses, tangerines, candy canes, etc. and don’t hesitate to use store-bought cookies if it helps to save time in the kitchen.

2. Choose an Open Box

This can be anything from a wooden box or cardboard treat box to a classic cookie tin. Ideally look for something with a lid. Once you’ve decided what you want to pack the cookies in, line it with wax paper, crepe paper, or tissue paper.

Cookie box with dividers

3. Decide on Dividers

The cookies need to be separated and organized by dividers. This makes the box visually more interesting, but also helps to hold the cookies in place. These dividers can be fashioned from thick cardstock, cardboard or thin pieces of wood purchases from the craft store. Muffin liners, mini paper loaf pans, and candy cups also are useful for corralling similar-sized cookies together.

4. Fill the Box

Stack the cookies up, turn them on their side, tie them with twine, etc. Break up the patterns and create visual interest by making the cookies look interesting. Try separating the cookies by size and colour and be sure to arrange them together tightly to fill any open spaces in the boxes.

5. Distribute the Cookie Box

Once the box is full of edible treats, it can be embellished with ribbon or twine and a gift tag. If you plan on shipping the cookies, you’ll need to make sure that the cookies cannot move around at all and they each variety is separated by liners. Cookie tins are ideal for shipping because they are both sturdy yet light, and the lids usually fit securely.