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Dalton White Farms Market Photo

We recently took a drive into Norfolk County, Ontario and visited Dalton White Farms Market in Delhi. What a breath of fresh air to break out of our usual routine and see something new. What a charming spot!

They have a selection of curated food products from local vendors, as well as locally grown produce and freezer meats from cattle raised by their family. We purchased some fresh (not dried) ginger which was grown on a local Ontario farm. I have to admit that I’d never previously seen freshly dug ginger. Actually what we call “fresh” ginger – found in our local stores is actually dried ginger; and this is of course different again from the powder in the herbs and spices section of our stores too. The only main difference I could tell about it’s use/taste is that it was quite juicy when cut and grated compared to the dried type we all buy at the store. The colour was also more yellow; on the outside as well as on the inside.

I also discovered a dried soup mix featuring a variety of peas but I’m sorry to tell you that my family ate the pea soup all up before I could get a photo. You’ll have to trust me that it was very nice!

I also checked out their ginseng field which was about to be harvested. You can learn more about Ontario ginseng on our other article.

Ontario Ginseng field, Delhi Ontario

Yes, life is restricted, but there are still wonderful places to visit.

If you are looking for a drive out of the city, please do check out Dalton White Farms.