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Each year, our family has a tradition of buying a few of every apple available to do blind taste tests. It’s an interesting process because there are some general winners and losers, but always there are a few apples that are polarizing – with one or two family members only favouring a certain variety.

kids with sweetango

Each fall for the past few years, a common winner is SweeTango. It has a sweet-tart flavour and a big, crunchy bite. It’s a natural cross between a Honeycrisp and a Zestar! so it has the big cell structure of the Honeycrisp which gives it that awesome crunch so many of us crave. However, I prefer the flavour of the SweeTango to a Honeycrisp (yes, hand on heart). It’s just so, so good.

My family is not alone. Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to tour the incredible Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Ontario, a not-for-profit organization that is a world-class centre for horticulture science and innovation. During the visit, we did a blind apple taste test and the SweeTango was included as the example for the apple with the most popular attributes desired by consumers.

Many of you may not have tried this apple yet. Although it’s been available in Canada for many years now, it is available for a sadly short season each fall. The orchards in Canada are in Nova Scotia and Quebec but they don’t yet have enough supply to keep us fans satisified! Did you know it takes about five years for an apple tree to mature before growers can start to pick and sell the apples? It’s an expensive investment.

Unfortunately a massive storm decimated much of the SweeTango crop this year so it’s even harder to find. But they are worth seeking out my friends! They are not available in Western Canada, but you can try Loblaws, Fortinos and Zehrs in Ontario. They are also available in the Maritimes in Costco, Loblaws banners and Sobey’s.

This is a sponsored post though we’ve been fans of SweeTango for years regardless!